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Optional Benefits

Optional benefits are separate services which are available for an additional charge. If you are not a member of a supplementary insurance or private insurance plan that will accept these costs, you have to pay for them yourself.

Optional Medical Benefit  “Treatment by Head Physician“
The optional benefit “Treatment by Head Physician” has to be agreed upon in advance and in writing (optional benefit agreement). This is valid for all the physicians from the hospital who are involved in the treatment, as far as they are authorized to charge separate costs for their services.
Invoicing of services rendered is carried out in accordance with official German rates (GOÄ/ GOZ) as amended from time to time. If the respective head physician is prevented from performing his duties, they will be taken over by one of the representatives stated in the optional benefit agreement.

Optional Benefit “Accommodation”
Along with the optional benefit “Treatment by Head Physician”, the optional benefit “accommodation” also has to be agreed upon in writing and in advance (optional benefit agreement). In our establishment you are able to choose between one or two-bed rooms, as far as occupation of the ward allows.

Other Optional Benefits

  • Accommodation of accompanying persons (if not medically indicated)
  • Overnight package within the context of a stay prior to or after out-patient surgery
  • Provision of a personal bedside nurse

Information about currently valid prices are available by telephone through the patient administration staff at +49 (0)621 8102-2233 or -2234.

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