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Interner Bereich Raumbelegung
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Medical Focus Areas

One of the main tasks of the Geriatric Rehabilitation Clinic Mannheim is to provide counseling to individuals who find themselves in this unusual life situation. Apart from the regular duties of the daily hospital routine, our nursing team works according to the principle of “activating care”. Their efforts are mainly focused at enabling patients to recover their lost abilities. Therefore elderly individuals are not simply relieved of daily tasks such as washing and dressing but the objective is to reteach these skills during targeted washing and dressing training sessions.

Available Treatment and Focus Areas:

  • Activating care
  • Medical Treatment incl. medication, continuation of treatment for secondary illnesses
  • Dietary counseling
  • Occupational therapy (sensorimotor perceptive treatment and motor-function treatment incl. according to Bobath, ADL training, self-help, training for everyday and household skills, provision of aids, psychological stabilization)
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Art therapy / creative therapy
  • Speech therapy (treatment of speech disorders, speech impediments, difficulty in swallowing and facial nerve paralysis)
  • Neuropsychologically oriented treatments (e.g. computer-assisted cognitive training)
  • Physical Therapy (hot and cold applications, massages, lymphatic drainage)
  • Physiotherapy (mobilization of the musculoskeletal system, strengthening of the muscles, treatment also according to Bobath, manual therapy, PNF, breathing therapy, group therapy, provision of aids, training on how to work with aids, counseling for relatives)
  • Social service (ensuring follow-up care, provision of domestic care, counseling for relatives)
Daily Motomed-training
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