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Medical Focus Areas

The “Oberrheinische Gefäßzentrum Mannheim-Speyer” provides comprehensive care for patients with vascular diseases. We provide the entire range of invasive and non-invasive diagnostic procedures and perform large numbers of conservative, minimally invasive and operative procedures. There are often several alternative treatments available and the best procedure for each particular case has to be individually decided.

Diabetic Foot Syndrome
The largest number of vascular patients with diabetics in Germany are treated at the “Gefäßzentrum Mannheim-Speyer”. Most diabetics additionally experience disturbances of sensation in their legs (polyneuropathy), which is why many foot gangrenes (dead tissue of the foot) are not painful. PAOD in diabetics particularly affects the lower leg arteries.

Arterial Interventions
Today a dilatation of the aorta in the stomach (aortic aneurysm) is treated by means of inserting a stent with a catheter from the groin (without an abdominal incision) or by means of open surgery (with an abdominal incision). Both procedures are carried out on a regular basis at the “Gefäßzentrum Mannheim-Speyer”. Constrictions or blockages in the leg arteries can be stretched under a local anaesthetic if the occurrence is uncomplicated. If this is not possible the blockages are treated via a bypass produced from the patient’s own vein or synthetic replacement material. In many cases the catheter treatment in the operating theatre is combined with a vascular surgical intervention (hybrid intervention). The “Gefäßzentrum Mannheim-Speyer” is the leading clinic in Germany with regard to this procedure.

Treatment of Problematic Wounds
Wound treatment in cases of chronic ulcus cruris (venous ulcers on the lower leg) or for diabetic foot syndrome is an additional central focus at the Vascular Center. It is provided on an interdisciplinary basis by specialized physicians and nursing staff (wound team). Qualified wound managers are available to help you at the “Gefäßzentrum Mannheim-Speyer”. We also treat patients with problematic bacterial strains (MRSA, ORSA) on an out-patient as well as in-patient basis.

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