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Medical Focus Areas

In keeping with the urological tradition at the Diakoniekrankenhaus, we are particularly focused on operative procedures. We provide the entire spectrum of urological treatments, ranging from out-patient interventions, endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery, and laser treatments of the urethra, prostate, bladder, ureter and kidneys to complex and very complex tumor surgery.

Innovative procedures for the treatment of benign prostate enlargements
The resection of the prostate by means of an electric current has, for many years, been the most effective treatment for benign prostate enlargements. For approximately two years we have been exclusively applying the newly developed bipolar technique. In contrast to the regular method, a current no longer travels through the patient. A harmless, physiological saline solution is used as an irrigation solution. If the current is sufficiently high, which can only be achieved with the bipolar technique, tissue vaporization similar to Green Light Laser Therapy is possible with the use of suitable instruments, resulting in a correspondingly lower risk of bleeding. In contrast to the standard technique with monopolar currents, even large adenomas weighing more than 100 grams can be easily treated because the complications of the old technique, specifically the dangerous absorption of irrigation solution, can no longer occur.

Laser Therapy
We consider there to be an indication for the use of Green Light LASER Therapy in prostate enlargements, particularly in cases where anticoagulants have to be administered. This medication does not have to be discontinued in order to conduct surgery. On the contrary, the more incoagulable the blood, the better the results of the Green Light LASER are. We work with LASER systems, even in cases of scarred constrictions of the urethra, the bladder opening or the ureter. Laser is the only cutting tool which creates minimal scarring or prevents it completely, after an intervention. Therefore we consistently apply our Holmium LASER System for minimally invasive treatments of urethral, bladder neck, ureter and renal pelvic stenosis.

Sterilization (vasectomy) in men is the most cost-effective and safest contraceptive method. Our standard procedure is the state-of-the-art and least stressful method available. This is the “no scalpel" vasectomy. After a local anesthetic, a tiny hole is produced in the middle of the scrotum by means of a special instrument, through which first the left and then the right spermatic duct is located and then severed. In so doing a minimal amount of trauma arises. The costs for this intervention amount to € 320 if paid in cash. Appointments can be made at +49 (0)621/81023201.

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