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Medical Focus Areas

Conservative and operative procedures are applied for the treatment of injuries, depending on the severity: from setting a simple displaced fracture and immobilizing it by means of an easily moldable splint to complex procedures with open settings and nailing or plating of fractured long tubular bones under general anesthesia. 

Geriatric Traumatology
As a result of demographic changes in population structures, trauma surgery has become more focused on injuries in elderly patients. We try to provide structured clarification and treatment for patients with osteoporosis, in order to protect elderly individuals from incurring additional fractures resulting from trivial injuries and, in so doing, help them to maintain their independence, one of the most important aspects of day to day life.
Shoulder Surgery
The surgical treatment of shoulder disorders comprises the following: shoulder tendon calcification, shoulder impingement syndrome, shoulder instabilities and tendon tears at the shoulder (“rotator cuff”) in mostly arthroscopic or “minimally open” procedures. Shoulder arthrosis is treated by means of an artificial shoulder joint – replacement of the humeral head and possibly the shoulder socket – which means that in cases of pronounced restricted mobility and pain a significant improvement of the flexibility of the shoulder joint and pain elimination can usually be achieved.
Endoprosthetics – “Joint Replacement”
Joint replacements (cemented/cement-free) for arthrosis in the shoulder joints, hip and knee joints are carried out by means of modern implants and are individually customized for patients, based on trusted levels of scientific knowledge.
Pediatric Injuries, Pediatric Bone Fractures
We are just as able to take care of bigger problems for our smaller patients: in cases of injuries and bone fractures, our present-day treatment concept, following a short hospital stay (usually only one day or one night, often also reduced to an out-patient treatment) is well-suited to the requirements of both adults and children; in most cases children are able to attend school again after only a short period of absence.
Foot Surgery Degenerative Changes, Injuries
With an increase in the number of leisure time activities as well as industrial accidents, many people are involved in accidents which can, over time, cause degenerative changes in their feet. We treat acute disorders and compression syndrome as well as degenerative disorders with modern treatment methods, conservatively as well as surgically. Particularly degenerative changes which occur from the toe to the ankle joint are treated by means of up to date methods aimed at preserving the joint and not by means of outdated joint removal techniques.

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