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Interner Bereich Raumbelegung
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Out-patient Care and Consultation Hours

Treatment by the Department of Geriatrics is possible:

  • in cases of emergency
  • through the referral of a general practitioner (family physician), appointments by telephone preferable
  • due to a transfer from another department/clinic, a prior appointment is necessary

Consultation Hours:
8:00 - 16:00
Tel.: +49 (0)621 8102-3601 (secretary’s office) or -4884 (specialist on the phone)

Private Consultation PD Dr. Matthias Schuler

Focus Areas:

  • internal diseases at an advanced age (>75 years)
  • painful diseases
  • assessments of risks, effects and side-effects of medication, particularly in cases of many different types of medication
  • assessing the risks of falling
  • memory problems

Secretary‘s office for Geriatrics

Tel.: +49 (0)621 8102-3601

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