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Medical Focus Areas

The medical focus areas of general and visceral surgery include:

Colon Cancer Center
The objective of our Colon Cancer Center is improvement and preparedness as well as early diagnosis, but particularly also best possible treatment by means of intensive collaboration with specialists from different fields. Together we set up an individual therapy plan which is adapted to the specific needs of the patient and based on the guidelines of professional medical societies and the latest scientific findings.

Thyroid Surgery
Proper and functional thyroid and parathyroid surgery from an aesthetic point of view. Surgery is conducted by means of state-of-the-art tools and surgical techniques.

Abdominal Surgery (visceral surgery)
Surgical treatments are all preferably carried out by means of laparoscopically, minimally invasive techniques (keyhole surgery). Small incisions, minimal blood loss and advanced preventative and follow-up care (fast track principle) lead to a faster return to solid food, less pain, shorter hospitalization periods and swifter recovery.

Surgery for the Treatment of Cancer (Oncological Surgery)
On our interdisciplinary tumor board we develop an individual therapy concept for every patient based on the latest scientific evidence. We provide treatment for malignant tumors of the esophagus, stomach, liver, bile duct and pancreas as well as minimally invasive colon and rectal surgery.

Hernia Surgery
Inguinal hernias are treated individually, either openly (Shouldice or Lichtenstein repair) or laparoscopically (TEP, TAPP), abdominal wall hernias are, if possible, treated laparoscopically.

Perianal Interventions in cases of fistulas, hemorrhoids, abscesses and fecal incontinence. Rectal ultrasounds, sphincter manometry.

Vascular Surgery
Interventions for varicose veins (varices). Implantations of port catheters.

Thoracic Surgery
We carry out surgery related to benign and malignant changes of the thorax as well as the operative treatment of collapsed lungs  (pneumothorax). Thoracic surgery is preferably carried out by means of minimally invasive techniques (VATS – video-assisted thoracic surgery).

Outpatient Surgery
Numerous interventions can be completely prepared and carried out on an outpatient basis in our outpatient surgery center.

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