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Medical Focus Areas

Apart from the treatment of patients with classic generally internal diseases (lung and bronchial diseases, rheumatic diseases, metabolic and kidney diseases, infectious diseases), the focus area of the Medical Clinic I lies in the diagnosis and therapy of vascular diseases and diseases of the heart. It works closely together with the departments for vascular surgery (Head Physician Prof. Dr. med. G. Rümenapf), for the treatment of vascular patients and with the Medical Clinic II (Head Physician PD Dr. med. D. Schilling) for the treatment of diabetes patients.

Angiology (Vascular Medicine)
We are committed to providing holistic treatment for all patients with symptoms of arterial diseases, diseases of the veins, the lymphatic vessels as well as the consequences of metabolic diseases such as diabetes mellitus or renal insufficiency, on an in-patient as well as out-patient basis. Indications for treatment are determined interdisciplinarily through close cooperation with the Vascular Surgical Clinic.

In our cardiological treatment area we are able to provide the entire range of non-invasive diagnostic methods for diseases of the heart. A particular focus has been placed on the context of ultrasound diagnostics. Through close cooperation with the neighboring University Hospital Mannheim, Medical Clinic I, our department is able, without any delay, to provide patients with invasive diagnostics and therapy in the cardiac catheter laboratory. In cases of cardiac arrhythmia a variety of pacemaker systems (antibradycardia systems, defibrillators and pacemakers for resynchronization CRT) can be implanted in the Diakoniekrankenhaus in cooperation with the Clinic for General and Visceral Surgery.

Internal Intensive Care
Patients with severe and life-threatening internal diseases are treated at the interdisciplinary intensive care ward of the Diakoniekrankenhaus under the supervision of the Head Physician at the Clinic for Internal Medicine I, Dr. med. K. Amendt and the Head Physician of the Institute for Anesthetics and Intensive Care, Dr. med. P. Becker.

Acute Geriatrics
This important focus area, which is structurally affiliated to the Clinic for Internal Medicine I, has been well-established for many years and is, due to its great significance, managed as an independent medical department. Supervision of the department for acute geriatrics was passed onto PD Dr. M. Schuler. She forms an integral part of the Center for geriatric medicine.

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