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Medical Focus Areas – Obstetrics

By means of our extensive experience and personal commitment, we safely provide you with support during your pregnancy and during the first few weeks after delivery. Our perinatal specialists are also there for you – should you experience complications or a more difficult pregnancy. An experienced team of nurses, midwives and doctors provide ideal support and care and guarantee a friendly atmosphere – around the clock.

Maternity ward
In our maternity ward we have everything you need for a natural birth – a pleasant atmosphere, seamless medical supervision, loving support during delivery as well as afterwards. There are daily visits from experienced paediatricians; the modern patient rooms each have a bathtub with a shower and a veranda. We enable 24-hour rooming in as well as providing you with special rest areas and generous visiting hours for your relatives and friends. On request we will also provide you with a family room.

Delivery room
Our delivery room is equipped to a high standard and provides you with every imaginable convenience for a gentle birth. It is our aim to promote the natural course of your delivery and to support you by means of holistic medical options, if required. For this purpose we make use of the versatility contained in homeopathy and acupuncture. Furthermore, we also have medication for relieving pain as well as facilities for epidural anaesthesia. To ensure the safety of you and your child, we carry out high-definition ultrasound examinations and blood flow measurements and are prepared for high-risk pregnancies or deliveries.

Prenatal care
Having received a referral from your gynaecologist, you are most welcome to get in touch with us for a consultation. This goes for mothers-to-be, who are interested in getting to know us beforehand, as well as for women who require more intensive support due to the course of their pregnancy. Furthermore, we offer a comprehensive programme of courses in order to provide you with the ideal preparation for your pregnancy and birth.

Postnatal care
During the time directly after delivery, close contact to the mother is the most important thing for a newborn child. It now needs plenty of love and security which only a mother can give – we provide you with active support during this time and are happy to help you care for your baby. Our services additionally include courses such as postnatal gymnastics or baby massaging, as well as nutritional consultations and information about emergency childcare.

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