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Medical Focus Areas – Gynecology

For gynaecological complaints we provide you with various different special outpatient consultations and further treatment. By means of minimally invasive interventions and outpatient treatments, we are frequently able to prevent the necessity of a hospital stay. However, also in the case of more extensive interventions you can rely on our high level of medical quality.
Surgery is always performed with a high quality of life in mind – when possible minimally invasive and as gently as possible. This is why our various specialist departments work closely together and create ideal prerequisites to ensure the required diagnostics and successful treatments.

Minimally invasive gynaecological surgery
We work with gentle and minimally invasive surgical techniques and state-of-the-art instrumental procedures such as ultrasound as well as high frequency and laser technology. The biggest advantage of this method is that an abdominal incision is not necessary. Furthermore, patients recover much faster after the operation.

Gynaecological cancer
Our clinic provides all conventional options for the diagnosis of gynaecological cancer types and has extensive experience in treating these diseases. Experts on our tumour board from different medical specialisations plan an ideal and individual treatment strategy for each patient, based on surgical intervention and / or drug therapy (e.g. chemotherapy, antibody therapy). After the treatment, we are available to answer all your questions concerning follow-up care.

In urogynaecology we have a wide range of diagnostic techniques such as urodynamics / introitus sonography and defecography. With regard to treatments we provide conservative treatment approaches (such as drug treatment or pelvic floor gymnastics) as well as surgical treatment options.

Senology and cosmetic surgery
In our breast centre we diagnose and treat all benign and malignant breast diseases, including breast preservation surgery or breast reconstructions by means of breast implants. At the same time we also provide cosmetic or aesthetic surgery such as breast reductions, breast enlargements or abdominoplasty.

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