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Medical Focus Areas

By means of state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic options we are able to treat a broad range of diseases of the digestive organs in our Center for Visceral Medicine.

Diseases of the Esophagus
We treat all diseases of the esophagus, ranging from chronic heartburn, through achalasia of the esophagus and varicose veins to diverticula of the esophagus. In cases of esophageal cancer, diagnosis and treatment is carried out in accordance with standard guidelines, and involves internists, surgeons, oncologists and radiation therapists (“multimodal therapy”).

Diseases of the Stomach
Stomach ulcers require a joint strategy if hemorrhages or perforations of the stomach occur, the basis of which is provided by endoscopy or minimally invasive surgery. Benign gastric tumors (gastrointestinal stromal tumor-GIST) can be safely removed by means of minimally invasive surgical techniques, whereby the functions of the stomach remain intact. In cases of stomach cancer diagnosis and treatment is carried in accordance with specific guidelines. Internists, surgeons and oncologists are, as a rule, involved in the treatment in cases of advanced tumors (“multimodal therapy”).

Pancreatic Diseases
Pancreatic cancer (“pancreatic carcinoma“) should, if possible, be surgically treated and complication rates could recently be significantly reduced due to an improvement in surgical techniques. If surgical treatment is no longer worth considering, endoscopic procedures are able to ensure bile flow and provide the patient with an improved quality of life.

Diseases of the bile ducts and the liver
Cholelithiasis (gallstones) is a clinical picture which occurs very frequently. Treatment options range from endoscopical removal of stones from the bile duct to the removal of the gall bladder by means of the so-called keyhole technique. Even in cases of acute inflammations of the gall bladder, a minimally invasive removal of the gall bladder is, due to our experience, usually possible in order to carry out a speedy removal of the infected area.

Diseases of the small and large intestine and the rectum
In our center we provide all the treatments for diseases of the small and large intestine and the rectum, from preventative colonoscopies through endoscopic procedures to keyhole surgery. Our Intestinal Cancer Center, certified by the German Cancer Society, enables us to provide you with the entire range of highly sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic steps.

Gastro-intestinal Hemorrhaging
Sometimes it is not possible to detect the precise cause of gastro-intestinal hemorrhaging by means of a gastroscopy or a colonoscopy. In many of these cases a capsule endoscopy is helpful: a small capsule, which is swallowed by the patient, creates a film on the interior of the intestine and in so doing conveys the location and the cause of the bleeding. Targeted treatment is thus possible.

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