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Medical Focus Areas

Treatment of Inguinal Hernias
A standard procedure for the surgical treatment of inguinal hernias does not exist; the range of procedures which are applied is very broad. In our clinic we provide four established therapy methods, which are closely modeled on medical necessities and your personal expectations.
We will recommend one of these procedures, depending on the size of the hernia, its concomitant diseases and previous surgical treatment, the amount of physical strain and the family history.

Treatment of incisional and umbilical hernias
The healing up of an umbilical or incisional hernia can only be surgically achieved and there are various procedures to choose from. In our clinic, surgery is carried out according to Mayo or a treatment using special tissue friendly synthetic mesh is applied, depending on the size and location of the hernia.

Treatment of Varicose Veins
The treatment of varicose veins in the legs has to be handled with care. If the valves of a superficial leg vein (vena saphena magna) are no longer tight, so that it is severely enlarged and the blood congests in the legs, treatment of the defective superficial vein is carried out according to the operation method by Babcock. If varicose veins are caused by an untightness of the connecting vein (perforans vein) between the superficial and deep venous system, they are occluded via a small incision.

Insertion of venous indwelling catheters (port catheter)
A port is an implanted entry under the skin, via which medication can be directly injected into the bloodstream. The port system consists of specially tested tissue friendly materials. The medication flows from the port through a narrow catheter into the bloodstream. Ports are available in different shapes and versions.

Further general medical surgical as well as trauma surgical orthopedic interventions
We carry out a large number of out-patient general medical surgical and trauma surgical orthopedic interventions.

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