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Center for Geriatric Medicine

The Center for Geriatric Medicine was founded in 2007 at the Diakoniekrankenhaus Mannheim. Today it includes the Clinic for Neurology, the Geriatric Rehabilitation Clinic, the Acute Geriatric Department as well as the Trauma Surgery Clinic.

The Center makes use of the premise that neurology, acute geriatrics and geriatric rehabilitation are specialist areas which already provide comprehensive medical and rehabilitative services specifically tailored for elderly patients. Apart from physicians, our team includes nursing staff, physio and occupational therapists, speech therapists, neuropsychologists as well contributories from social services.


Zentrum für Altersmedizin
Speyerer Straße 91-93
68163 Mannheim

Secretary’s Office
Tel.: +49 (0)621 8102-3501
Fax: +49 (0)621 8102-3510

Dr. med. Johannes R. Bayerl
Medical Director
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