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Medical Focus Areas

The focus areas of our clinic include anesthesia along with general anesthesia and local anesthesia as well as intensive and emergency medicine and pain therapy.

Most surgical procedures are carried out under general anesthesia. As the medication which is used during general anesthesia influences the respiratory centre, artificial respiration is necessary during every general anesthesia. Depending on the different instruments used for respiration, we differentiate between intubation, laryngeal mask and mask anesthesia. A large number of operations can also be carried out by means of pain elimination in various regions of the body (e.g. through nerve blockage of the lower body, a leg, an arm or one side of your neck). Nerve blockages can also be combined with general anesthesia.

Intensive Medicine
We treat approximately 1,500 patients a year in our intensive care ward. On this ward anesthetists and internists work together 365 days a year, 24 hours a day to provide patients with optimal care. Our (anaesthesiological) focus is on perioperative intensive medicine.

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