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Contact details of our clinics and institutes

If you would like to contact the offices of our specialist departments directly, in order to make arrangements such as appointments with a head physician, you will be able to find the contact persons of your choice quite easily by means of this page and contact them via e-mail, fax or telephone. Furthermore, you can also contact our head physicians via email. In order to acquire relevant additional information on our individual clinics (specialist departments), simply click on the respective clinic of your choice or go directly to "Clinics and Centers" in the top navigation bar on our homepage.

If you are not sure about which department you should be contacting you may also contact our Information Office directly. They will be glad to help you and provide you with competent advice. Our Information Office is open around the clock at tel.: +49 (0)621 8102-0.

Generel an Visceral Surgery

Head Physician Prof. Dr. Knut Böttcher

Ms Eckert / Ms Haubrich / Ms Öffler 
Tel.: 0621 8102-3001
Fax: 0621 8102-3010


Senior Physician Priv. Doz. Dr. Matthias Schuler

Ms Neuwirth-Grewe
Tel.: 0621 8102-3601
Fax: 0621 8102-3610

Gynecological Clinic

Head Physician Dr. Yemenie Aschalew

Ms Winke
Tel.: 0621 8102-3101
Fax: 0621 8102-3110

Clinic for Visceral Surgery

Head Physician Prof. Dr. Gerhard Rümenapf
Senior Physician Dr. Margit Wagenhan

Ms Cetin
Tel.: 0621 8102-3801
Fax: 0621 8102-3810

Clinic for Internal Medicine I

Head Physician Dr. Klaus Amendt

Ms Schönfelder / Ms Salih
Tel.: 0621 8102-3301
Fax: 0621 8102-3310

Clinic for Internal Medicine II

Head Physician Prof. Dr. Dieter Schilling

Ms Caspari
Tel.: 0621 8102-3401
Fax: 0621 8102-3410

Neurological Clinic

Head Physician Dr. Johannes R. Bayerl

Ms Möhlmann
Tel.: 0621 8102-3501
Fax: 0621 8102-3510

Trauma Surgery and Orthopedics

Senior Physician Dr. Werner Duchene

Ms Ellner
Tel.: 0621 8102-3011
Fax: 0621 8102-4010

Urological Clinic

Head Physician Priv. Doz. Dr. Reinhold Tschada

Ms Klemt
Tel.: 0621 8102-3201
Fax: 0621 8102-3210

Clinic für Geratic Rehabilitation

Head Physician Dr. Hans-Georg Schäfer

Ms Schulz
Tel.: 0621 8102-3701
Fax: 0621 8102-3710

Anesthesiology and Intensive Medicine

Head Physician Dr. Peter Becker
Tel.: 0621 8102-4105 und -4106
Fax: 0621 8102-4120

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