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First-class Care and Recovery

The Diakonissen-Stiftungs-Krankenhaus Speyer also provides optional services – such as "Treatment by Head Physician" and "Accommodation".

Optional Medical Service "Treatment by Head Physician"
The optional service "Treatment by Head Physician" is a separately invoiced service. It has to be agreed upon in writing and is applicable for all hospital physicians who are involved in the treatment as far as they are entitled to provide separate invoices for their services. Invoicing is based on the official rate for practitioners. Should the respective head physician be prevented from performing his / her duties, these duties will be taken over by one the representatives mentioned in the optional service agreement.

The optional service "Treatment by Head Physician" involves a significant financial charge. Please check whether these costs will be covered by your private insurance or financial aid before applying for this service.

Optional Service "Accommodation"
The optional service "Accommodation" also has to be agreed upon in writing. You are able to choose between a one and a two-bed room.

The price for this optional service also includes:

  • Personal care by our service staff 
  • Free of charge television 
  • Basic telephone fee
  • Various catering options (insofar as medically possible)
  • Free of charge regional daily newspapers
  • Change of towels and bedding every 2 days
  • Basic toiletries (comb, shampoo, toothbrush and disposable razor)
  • Overnight stay after outpatient surgery

Other Optional Services

  • Accommodation for a accompanying person (if not required for medical reasons)
  • Accommodation for a healthy infant / small child
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