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Intestine Center Speyer

At the Intestine Center Speyer physicians work closely together with other specialists from a variety of medical fields required for the treatment of intestinal diseases, in particular malignant varieties.

Our Center provides patients with modern and comprehensive cancer therapy. The entire treatment spectrum is provided from a single source by means of a network, ranging from diagnostics to surgical therapy, subsequent treatments and aftercare.

The Colone Center Speyer is recognised and certified by the German Cancer Society.

Dr. med. Dirk Jentschura
Head of Intestine Center

Clinic for General and Visceral Surgery
Hilgardstraße 26
67346 Speyer

Tel.: +49 (0)6232 22-1730
Fax: +49 (0)6232 22-1718
E-mail: stephanie.mischon

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