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Medical Focus Areas

The spectrum of treatments at the Clinic for Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine includes the entire range of paediatric and adolescent medicine.

Perinatal Center
The Perinatal Center Speyer is a center with the highest level of care. An interdisciplinary team of gynaecologists (obstetricians), paediatricians (neonatologists), midwives and paediatric intensive care nurses is on stand-by around the clock.

We care for approximately 450 premature and newborn infants per year in our neonatal intensive care ward, including some from maternity clinics in the surrounding areas.

General Paediatrics
The Clinic for Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine covers all the medical areas within its specialist field and in addition regularly offers nutritional consultations – such as for malnutrition or food allergies.

Paediatric Pulmology and Allergology
In our clinic allergology, one of the biggest areas of paediatric medicine, is practiced at the highest level, in accordance with generally accepted guidelines. In the field of pneumology we treat children with chronic and acute respiratory diseases. We provide inhalation training as well as family-focused asthma training.

Additional treatments:

  • Laryngoscopies and bronchoscopies, diagnostic bronchoalveolar lavage
  • endoscopic removal of foreign bodies

Endocrinology / Diabetology
Endocrinology, the “study of hormones”, is primarily concerned with diseases of the thyroid, diabetes mellitus, growth disturbance and diseases of the pituitary gland. Therefore our clinic provides patients with a range of services such as diagnostics, adjustment and training during the primary manifestation of diabetes mellitus; we are additionally also able to provide patients with long-term care services. Endocrinological diagnostic tests are conducted in cases of growth disturbance. The Head Physician, Dr. Siedler, has been officially recognised as a paediatric diabetologist by the German Diabetes Society (DDG).

Paediatric Gastroenterology
Due to many years of experience by specifically trained specialists and state of the art endoscopic equipment, we are able to provide the highest level of treatment in our paediatric gastroenterology department.

Service spectrum:

  • Diagnostics and treatment of chronic inflammatory intestinal diseases during childhood
  • Diagnostics and treatment of chronic liver or pancreatic diseases
  • Systematic clarification in cases of unclear abdominal pain
  • Consultation and treatment for nutritional disorders during childhood
  • Endoscopies of the gastrointestinal tract, gastroscopies and colonoscopies
  • Endoscopic removal of foreign bodies
  • Insertion of duodenal tubes and PEG tubes
  • Parenteral nutrition of patients with short bowel syndrome
  • Cooperation with transplant centers for liver and intestinal transplantations

Patients with unclear neurological symptoms, seizures as well as developmental disorders are treated on a neuropaediatric basis in our clinic. A modern EEG system is able to measure the electrical activity of the brain and an amplitude-integrated EEG is used for diagnosing newborn infants with asphyxia. Additionally we provide a differentiated follow-up examination about the neurological development in premature infants at the age of two.

Paediatric Cardiology
The service spectrum of paediatric cardiology includes outpatient and inpatient diagnostics and the treatment of congenital heart defects, cardiac arrhythmia and acquired cardiac diseases. We also provide echocardiographies, ECGs, long-term and exercise ECGs, long-term blood pressure measurements as well as exercise echocardiographies and clarification of heart murmurs.

Paediatric Nephrology
Nephrological clinical pictures which are treated at our clinic include acute and chronic inflammation of the kidneys and the renal pelvis, excretion disorders and systemic diseases with kidney involvement. Furthermore, our treatment spectrum comprises diseases which can occur in other organs as a result of impaired kidney functions. Malformations of the efferent urinary tracts (ureter, bladder, urethra) which require surgical treatment are cared for by our paediatric surgeon, Dr. Thomas Ringle, or in cooperation with the urological department of a neighbouring hospital. Dialyses can be carried out for inpatients of all age groups.

Paediatric Urology
In cooperation with the clinic for urology of a neighbouring hospital, the Clinic for Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine provides options for the diagnosis of congenital malformations of the kidneys and urinary tracts. Efferent urinary tract surgery is sometimes even carried out in our establishment. Treatment takes place on an interdisciplinary basis.

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