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The main focus area of cardiology at the Clinic for Internal Medicine includes all the well-established procedures for the diagnostics and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

A competent team is on standby 365 days a year and around the clock to cover the full range of cardiological emergencies. In so doing the clinic is able to provide “all-round care” to cardiology patients in keeping with state of the art medical standards.


  • Cardiac catheter: coronary angiography, right-heart catheter, balloon dilatation (PTCA), interventional atrial septal closure (PFO)
  • Electrophysiological heart catheter with catheter ablation
  • Pacemaker: single and dual chamber pacemaker implantations, implantation of ICD and biventricular system for cardiac insufficiency therapy. Pacemaker check-ups and programming
  • Echocardiography: 4-D echocardiography including stress echo cardiography and TEE
  • Non-invasive functional diagnostics (long-term ECG including heart rate variability and ST-segment analysis, exercise ECG, spiroergometry, long-term blood pressure measurements)

As a part of the interdisciplinary vascular center and in cooperation with vascular surgery and the radiological practice, the main focus areas of the Angiology Department are the diagnosis, prophylaxis and treatment of vascular diseases. All the standard examination techniques in present day angiology are provided to carry out diagnostics. This specifically includes ultrasounds with colour-coded duplex sonography on high-end ultrasound devices. The therapeutic spectrum comprises a large range of treatment methods such as angiographies of the arteries by means of balloon dilatations. Further areas of intervention are wound treatment for ulcers within the context of diabetes, venous and arterial diseases and compression therapy for venous thrombosis or lymphatic diseases.

Chest Pain Unit
Our Chest Pain Unit is certified in accordance with the quality standards of the German Society of Cardiology. It provides care for patients with unclear chest pain.

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