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Outpatient Care and Consultation Hours

Consultation Hours:

  • Private consultations Head Physician Dr. med. Uwe Eissler
  • Breast consultations
  • Continence consultations (certified counselling center of the German Continence Society)
  • Risk and birth planning consultations
  • Surgery planning consultations
  • Midwife consultations

Appointments are provided via a referral from your gynaecologist and should be arranged in advance with the gynaecological outpatient department.

Contact and Appointments

Gynaecological Outpatient Department
Tel. +49 (0)6232 22-1428 or -1528
Fax +49 (0)6232 22-1729

Midwife Consultations
Tel. +49 (0)6232 22-1428

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