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Medical Focus Areas

Breast Center Speyer
The certified Breast Center Speyer provides the entire range of diagnostics and therapy for diseases of the breast and their respective implications – on an inpatient as well as outpatient basis:

  • Daily breast consultations
  • Clarifying diagnostics and treatment procedures
  • Reconstructive and breast-conserving surgical techniques with transposition flap mammoplasties
  • Modern chemotherapy in our department or an affiliated practice
  • Individual therapy based on specific guidelines
  • Psycho-oncological and socio-medical care

Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures
We provide numerous minimally invasive surgical procedures in the field of gynaecology.

  • Hysteroscopy e.g. for myomas (muscle growths), polyps of the mucous membrane, adhesions, uterine anomalies
  • Laparoscopy e.g. for surgery related to myomas, ovarian cysts or for the removal of lymph nodes. Furthermore, patients can have their uterus completely or partly removed at the Diakonissen-Stiftungs-Krankenhaus Speyer

For pelvic floor dysfunctions, particularly in cases of urinary incontinence, we provide differentiated diagnostic and treatment procedures. The clinic is a certified counselling center of the German Continence Society.

Gynaecological Oncology
We also provide major oncological surgical procedures in addition to standard ones, as well as all the options for prevention, diagnostics and conservative therapy.

Prenatal Diagnostics and Perinatology (Obstetrics)
Our highest quality care perinatal center provides patients with continuous care by midwives and physicians, constant stand-by support from physicians in the paediatric clinic with a focus on premature and newborn infants as well as safe and state of the art pain therapy during labour. We will support you throughout all the different phases of your pregnancy and consider your personal requirements.

  • all the options of modern prenatal diagnostics
  • possibility of an abdominal version in cases of breech pregnancy (breech presentation)
  • prenatal courses for couples or individuals, infant care courses, prenatal acupuncture, breastfeeding information evenings and much more at our school for parents
  • Guided tours of the delivery rooms every Wednesday from 18:00 pm onwards (except on public holidays)

School for Parents Speyer
The School for Parents Speyer provides you with support during your pregnancy and during and after the birth of your child. Together with midwives, paediatric nurses as well as physicians from the Clinic for Gynaecology and Obstetrics from the Diakonissen-Stiftungs-Krankenhaus, we have created a range of courses by means of which we are able to prepare you for the birth of your child and provide you with more confidence in your approach to pregnancy, birth and parental duties. Additional information about the school for parents, our range of services and current offers, as well as the possibility of registering online for our courses, can be found at www.elternschule-speyer.de

Outpatient Surgery
Minor outpatient interventions can be carried out in our outpatient surgery unit, at short notice and without the need for a hospital stay: you are able to leave the clinic just a few hours after your operation, provided you are free from any severe discomforts.

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