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Medical Focus Areas

One of the most important tasks of anaesthesia is to provide pain relief during surgery and diagnostic or therapeutic interventions. State of the art anaesthesia and monitoring devices are provided for this purpose. In addition to general anaesthesia, neuraxial block anaesthesia, combined procedures as well as plexus anaesthesia or blocking of individual nerves is also applied.

Intensive Care
The interdisciplinary intensive care unit is managed by a team of anaesthesiologic specialists. In our intensive care unit we treat patients who suffer from a partial or complete failure of their vital organs.

Palliative Medicine
In the palliative ward we provide treatment, care and support for individuals with incurable diseases. The treatment objective is to improve patients’ quality of life by means of competent alleviation of symptoms and individual care. Psychosocial support of patients and relatives is a matter of course for us.

Pain Therapy
Acute pain is an essential warning signal provided by the body to ensure our survival. In some cases acute pain may, over time, develop into chronic pain. Pain may then lose its original warning function and turn into an independent clinical picture. We provide various options in pain therapy: inpatient pain therapy, our pain day clinic as well as an outpatient pain unit.

Pain Day Clinic
Treatment in our Pain Day Clinic is aimed at individuals with chronic pain such as back and joint pains, headaches or pain disorders such as polyneuropathy or fibromyalgia. Treatment is carried out in groups and takes place on workdays during the day. The duration of the treatment usually amounts to 15 successive workdays. The objective is to enable patients to help themselves and to reduce their pain-related restrictions.

The Diakonissen-Stiftungs-Krankenhaus has an outpatient unit for traditional Chinese medicine and naturopathy. It provides acupuncture, moxibustion, phytotherapy, nutrition counselling, Gua Sha and cupping massages.


Palliative therapy is expensive and underfunded with regard to nursing rates. Should you choose to support our work, we look forward to your contributions.

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